Medication Refills

Medication Refills

Preauthorization Requests

  Unsolicited Refills requests from Pharmacies

I like to make sure that any medications that you need from me are prescribed in adequate supply to last  you until your next scheduled or anticipated appointment. From time to time things happen I understand,  such as running out of meds before an appointment or misplacing prescriptions for example, and under these  conditions , depending on the medication, I may  go ahead and approve the refill, but in general if you need a refill it might mean we should schedule a follow-up appointment so I can monitor how you are doing

If you do not have a scheduled appointment to see me and are running low on medications, we will first need to set up an appointment which is done most expediently via email and after an appointment is scheduled I can then prescribe the medications. In this case there may be no need for me to incur a charge to you for doing this.

If you run out of DEA scheduled medications such as to treat anxiety or other conditions like attention deficit disorder then an appointment would be absolutely necessary in order to obtain further prescriptions.

Fees for medication refill requests outside of an appointment are:

$25 for routine med refills requested inside of 3 business days of being needed. Extra fees may be incurred for refilling lost or misplaced prescriptions

To request a refill please click on the following link, Med Refill Request, and fill out the form and email it directly to me or fax it to our office at 703-573-2351. If you are requesting more medications than there are spaces on the form just fill out a second form

Please note that as of now it will take me from 3 to 5 business days to respond to most medication requests. I cannot promise that I can respond to refill requests on a same-day basis. Medications needed on a same-day basis or within three days of your contact me will incur a charge of $25 to account for the time I will then need to set aside to handle your request personally.

Lastly I do not work on weekends and refill requests submitted from Friday afternoons after 4pm until the following Monday 8am will be looked at only once I am back in the office after the weekend.