New Patients

As a rule my schedule to accept new patients generally books 6-8 weeks in advance from making your first contact to me. I do what I realistically can to see you as soon as my calendar of appointments allows me. If that meets your needs please e-mail me, tell me a little something of your concern and then I will make arrangements to see you at a mutually convenient time.

I can see patients of high school age and older.  I am not educated in child psychiatry and do not  feel qualified to evaluate children under age of middle school.

To see if I participate with your insurance company,  call your insurance company directly and let them know you are trying to schedule to see me. If they state that they are unable to find me in their system, have them look me up under our group name, the Northern Virginia Psychiatric Group PC.  When you call them you can also find out whether or not you need to get an authorization number  or a referral in order to utilize your Outpatient Mental Benefits.

click here to get New Patient Registration to print and fill out at home or  you can fill it out online and email it back to me

Current Patients:

My schedule books 4-5 weeks in advance. If you have certain restrictions on your availability,  let me know and I will attempt to accommodate you. All appointments I offer you via email will be considered confirmed unless you let me know otherwise no later than 2 working days before the offered time. If you need to cancel an appointment you MUST either leave me a voice mail or an email. Leaving your need to cancel with the receptionist or a leaving a message in our general voice mail will not be adequate notice.

If you have not been in for the past 6 months print out and fill out the Patient Update