Contacting Me

Contacting Me

E-MAIL(preferred for any non-urgent matter)

I read e-mail several times daily and attempt to respond same day as my time permits.

Use this web site to initiate all e-mails so that you can be informed about any changes in my schedule and availability. Make sure your e-mail editor is active before clicking this link    ERROLSEGALLMD@YAHOO.COM

Please note that email is not to be considered secure or guaranteed confidential as it is not encrypted

Phone contact

My voice mail is 703-698-5220 extension 314. If you need to get a message to me faster, then leave a message on my cell phone voice mail, 703-309-5915. On weekends I do not routinely check emails or voicemails. Any message you send to me after Fridays at 4pm until the following Monday at 8am will be read or listened to after I am back in the office.